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Viking Systems provides maritime solutions for conventional and specialized structural design, analysis, and verification of ships and offshore assets. We create the highest quality structures while reducing the cost of construction and maintenance. We employ the same organized software and workflow process across our offices, allowing for high quality in a fast and reliable time frame.

Viking Systems was founded in 2000 to operate in shipbuilding industries serving the military and naval vessel shipbuilders and designers, commercial ship owners and operators, and the offshore oil and gas industries. Our experience, when coupled with consistent application and development of innovative computer programs, helps our engineering teams make sound and consistent decisions about clients’ ships and offshore assets. Analyses are based on classical design rules, as well as advanced tools for structural modeling, loading, and assessment of conventional and high-speed monohull and multihull vessels.

We are privileged to work with many different clients in the marine industry, including the US Navy, the US Coast Guard, NASA, Military Sealift Command, and oil & gas companies, including builders and operators. We also provide structural design and analysis services for owners and builders of commercial ships, including inland and oceangoing barges, heated cargo barges, tankers, container ships, and cruise ships.

Viking Systems is comprised of experienced mechanical engineers, naval architects, marine engineers, civil engineers, software developers, and business professionals.

Our computer programs and team spirit are named from Nordic mythology in keeping with our Viking traditions from over a thousand years ago:

  • SAGA (Structural Assessment Graphical Application) is a computerized tale of “structural events” that are created, assessed and safeguarded for current and future learning just like the Viking era Sagas that are preserved to this day
  • ODIN (Optimum Design Integration Network) is named after the Viking leader Odin who sends out a pair of ravens Hugin (from Old Norse "thought") and Munin (Old Norse "mind") all over the world to gather information – in our case on our many structural computing solutions created throughout our network of computers and people
  • THOR, the son of Odin and Fyorgyn is the most powerful of all in taking action, of going beyond boundaries, and of team leading. Each of our Viking Systems team members, like Thor embody great strength of character, indispensable leadership qualities, and are also strong team players – true qualities for past as well as us modern day “Vikings”


We do all types of structural design and analysis of conventional ship, multihull, and high-speed vessel ship structures including:

  • Class Structural Rule Software from ABS, DNVGL, BV, and others
  • FEA Strength, Fatigue and Vibration Assessments
  • Repair and Reinforcement Solutions
  • Corrosion and Steel Renewal Assessment
  • Ship Life Extension
  • Classification Society Interface
  • Forensic Analysis
  • Third-Party Verification of entire Hulls and Foundations

We also design foundations of any type including:

  • Moon Pools
  • Internal Turret Support Structures
  • Topsides Support Structures
  • Mooring Support Structures
  • Riser Support Structures
  • Flare Tower Support Structures
  • Crane Support Structures
  • A-Frames and Supports
  • Towing Support Structures
  • Bilge Keels
  • Piping Stress and Support Structures
  • Pad Eyes and Support Structures

Our analysis types typically performed are:

  • Trim and Stability Intact and Damaged Analysis
  • Hydrodynamic Analysis
  • Motions and Accelerations Predictions
  • Slamming Analysis
  • Whipping Analysis
  • Statistical Data Processing of Wave Responses
  • Short and Long Term Calculation of Loads on Ships
  • Linear and Non-linear FEA
  • FEA Based Yielding and Buckling Assessment
  • Fatigue and Crack Propagation Analyses
  • Structural Vibration and Noise Analysis
  • 3D Corrosion Mapping to FEA models
  • Collision and Blast Nonlinear FEA response analysis


We use best in class software including these industries and in house programs:

  • ABS Eagle FPSO ISE and TSA
  • ABS ISE and TSA
  • ABS SafeHull
  • AutoPIPE
  • Bureau Veritas (BV) Veristar
  • Femap
  • Hecsalv
  • Houdini
  • Maya
  • Nastran
  • Nauticus
  • ODIN
  • SAGA
  • Sestra
    • Stofat
    • StruCad
    • VRML
    • Wadam
    • Wasim



Over the years we have enjoyed working on exciting structural projects with our ship-owner, operator, and shipbuilding customers in the Oil & Gas, Navy, Coastguard, and Commercial Industries.

Contact us today to learn more about Viking Systems International’s talented staff, or about our services. We serve clients around the world from our offices in Asia, Africa, and North America.

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