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Viking Systems has been working on military and defense vessel structural design projects since 2001. We have worked on structural design assessments of US Navy ships including the LCS Freedom Class, LCS Independence Class, Spearhead-class expeditionary fast transport (EPF) projects, the Expeditionary Transfer Dock (ESD), the TAO Fleet of Oilers, the US Coast Guard FRC-B project, and corrosion modeling of a range of US Navy surface warfare vessels.

Viking offers an exceptional technology blend, performing both advanced motions predictions (using spectral and non-linear time-domain software) and advanced structural design and verification (using class society rules and advanced FEA finite element analysis).

The technologies developed through our proprietary SAGA structural computer program allows environmental loads that have been developed with advanced hydrodynamic analysis programs to be applied to full ship FEA models, such that the structure may be readily assessed for yielding, buckling and fatigue failure modes to allow rapid development of modifications to the design where needed.

High-speed vessels experience a unique blend of loads and require the use of model test results and hydrodynamic analysis to understand the dominant global load parameters and whipping induced bending moments and slamming pressures in order to define a Safe Operating Envelope of allowed speed in sea states and vessel headings.

Viking Systems uses rule scanting and advanced FEA based optimization of scantlings to ensure a lightweight design that can meet the structural demands.

  • Hydrodynamic Analysis
  • Slamming & Whipping Analysis
  • Model Test Correlation
  • FEA Model Load Balancing
  • Hull Structural Assessment
  • Buckling & Yielding Assessment
  • Fatigue & Fracture Assessment
  • Structural Weight Optimization
  • Foundation Design & Analysis
  • Data Processing and Predictions
  • Strain Gauge Data Correlation
  • Load Case Development
  • Class Notation Calculations



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