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Ship & Offshore Structure Design & FEA Assessments

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Code Compliance Check

Viking’s SAGA program is constantly at work on ships and offshore structures, providing our teams with design and assessment capabilities on all types of structures, primarily on:

  • FPSO & FSO Vessels
  • Jackup Offshore Installations
  • Navy & Coast Guard Vessels
  • Ships & Barges

SAGA uses built-in design code checking from the following regulatory bodies:

  • ABS Steel Vessel Rules
  • ABS FPI Rules
  • ABS MODU Rules
  • ABS High-Speed Naval Craft
  • BV Parts A-D & NI 593
  • API RP 2A
  • DNVGL-OS-C101
  • DNV-RP-C201, DNV-RP-C203, DNV-RP-C205, & DNVGL-RP-C206

Results Presentation

Viking’s SAGA program prepares results for our users and clients using a virtual reality modeling language (VRML) format viewable in standard web browsers and other programs that read VRML (e.g., Rhino). The resulting files are available to clients interested in information technology and wish to see the results in interactive 3D rather than simple reports.