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Viking is founded on the principle of continually inventing efficient engineering methods and expanding into new areas that will benefit our clients through quality programs and services. We develop a suite of computer programs called SAGA and ODIN that our offices around the world use to load and assess structural finite element models (i.e., FE, FEM, FEA, etc.). They also manage corrosion data throughout ships and predict future corrosion and loads using statistics to ensure quality and compliance with classification society requirements. These programs have expanded over 20 years to include all the work we do and give both our seasoned and newly hired team members an enormous advantage to do quality work in a controlled and efficient format that benefits our clients.

We are proud to be part of the structural naval architecture community with our clients. In addition, we continually work to introduce new ideas and methods. By giving inputs to our developers, we create exciting features within our SAGA and ODIN computer programs.

All Viking engineers are engaged in the use and demand for new features of SAGA. This drives the development and expansion of the program through frequent communication and an exchange of ideas. It also ensures the consistent quality-oriented solutions Viking prides itself on that address complex and difficult engineering problems.

Let us know with your unique structural engineering problem or project, and we will be ready to engage!

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