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Corrosion Assessment

During FEED, hull conversion, or life-extension projects, SAGA applies corrosion gaugings entered into a database system developed by Viking. The system uses a 3D model to show gaugings for plates and the webs and flanges of stiffeners. It also carries out a complete steel renewal procedure using class-required substantial thickness calculations, future corrosion projections, and required steel renewal. These are shown graphically on a 3D model. The following are also shown:

  • Location of Gauging, Including Tank & Coordinates
  • Gauged Thickness
  • As-Built Thickness
  • Protection of Future-Anticipated Corrosion
  • Renewal-Required Class Steel Renewal Calculation Requirements

SAGA applies the corrosion values by subtracting FEA model scantlings, which include:

Physical Gauging Locations
  • Plate Thickness
  • Stiffener Web Thickness
  • Stiffener Flange Thickness

The model’s gauging database is compared, and a corroded model is made. The following also take place:

Mapped Out Corrosion
  • As-built model & database thicknesses are compared, and their validity is checked.
  • Plate thickness & stiffener properties are updated.
  • Interpolation options for elements are taken away from gaugings.
  • Percentage rule minimum corrosion can be applied.
  • Diminution corrosion can be subtracted.

Resulting FEA model with as-gauged thickness:

Steel Renewal