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Viking operates five strategically located offices to serve our global and local clients. Our approach to succeeding in our mission is to operate several office locations so we can be nearer to our clients while working together in small and efficient groups. We take pride in working across continents and cultures. Our workflow is common across offices. By defining each team’s project goals, budgets, and schedules, we respond rapidly and effectively on large and small projects alike. RUNE (i.e., Viking’s intranet newsletter) and our template system allow our team members to share efficient tool-usage skills to streamline our engineering efforts. Our SAGA and ODIN structural assessment software are commonly used by all team members, providing an integrated set of industry-leading software tools. It also allows frequent communication between team members and quality control checks to verify assumptions and results. We enjoy working together while using technology effectively to solve engineering problems and take full advantage of computing and communication capabilities through our network of efficient interoffice communication with networked computer access and internal VOIP office extensions and video conferencing.


The Viking Annapolis office provides engineering services primarily focused on structural design and assessment, hydrostatic and hydrodynamic assessments, class rule scantling evaluation, dynamic load assessment, spectral fatigue analysis, fatigue and fracture mechanics analyses, vibration assessments, accidental load assessment, and specialized studies to assess ship structures. The Annapolis office supports projects worldwide and is integral to Viking’s technology development. This office executes work on all types of projects, including structural design and analysis of conversions and new builds. Its scope of work is focused on structural design for the US Navy, US Coast Guard, Military Sealift Command, and other US government agencies for a wide range of ship types, oil and gas companies, EPCI contractors, shipyards, and owners and operators of vessels used in all maritime industries.


The Viking Houston office focuses on offshore structural design projects. It performs engineering design and analysis services, including class rule scantling and FEA assessment, dynamic load assessment, strength and spectral fatigue analysis, thermal analysis, mooring execution, and riser and topside support structure design and analysis. The Houston office provides support on all types of commercial and offshore structural projects focusing on FPSO and FSO structural design and analysis. The office engages with clients locally and internationally, including oil and gas companies, EPCI contractors, shipyards, and commercial shipping vessel owners and operators.


The Viking Singapore office focuses on global and local FEA of ship structures and provides construction and production consulting. Its engineering services are primarily executed for offshore oil and gas companies, EPCI contractors, shipowners, and shipyards throughout Asia. By managing technical aspects of shipbuilding and design efforts while participating in projects locally with our clients throughout Asia, Viking’s Singapore office gives our clients the benefit of direct support on projects. At the same time, our engineering teams in other regions work closely to support project requirements. Viking has been present in the Asia-Pacific region since its inception and considers Singapore integral to its success in Asia.


The Viking Arusha office is a first-class modeling center, primarily handling finite element modeling, drafting services, rule scantling assessment, and corrosion data processing. The modeling center supports offshore oil and gas and commercial client requirements with advanced modeling for all types of global and local structures. It also digitizes the drawings and preparation of models to track the corrosion of ships. The geographical location of our Arusha office in Tanzania provides energy and allows for commercial projects to get executed rapidly. Our Arusha team always works with our US and Singapore teams to provide 24-hour progress on global projects while providing location benefits for clients in the African continent.

Palm Beach

The Viking Palm Beach office serves as a business and technology center conducting engineering consulting services and software development for clients and Viking team members around the world. The office develops the SAGA program. SAGA is an FEA and hydrodynamics-based software that integrates the software consistently used by Viking teams. These include the Femap modeling software, NASTRAN FEA solutions, DNV hydrodynamic programs, and DNV fatigue programs. In addition, SAGA develops time-domain statistical processing, FEA models and load checking, corrosion application, and FEA stress results processing for class assessments (e.g., ABS DLA & SFA, DNV FMS, and BV notations for ships and offshore structures). The office also helps the maritime industry in Florida and the Gulf Coast by providing services to shipowners, shipbuilders, and design offices.

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